Passion is essential when you are operating a business

“There is no spoon” is a line from the movie The Matrix, which means we are the only ones limiting ourselves in our minds. Being an entrepreneur is limitless, you can develop the company of your dreams and values. You can design your own lifestyle. The trick to become a successful entrepreneur is all about your own mindset. Which was exactly what Therése Gedda talked about when she visited Great Space in Sundsvall.

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Therese Gedda

Therése Gedda is a Swedish famous award-winning serial entrepreneur and international motivational speaker. She visited the north of Sweden and Sundsvall for the first time the previous month. She is also the CEO for 30minMBA, which is a mobile learning platform.

The reason why I started 30minMBA was that I wanted to empower people to reach their full potential together with using the latest technology. It’s a market that is growing which makes the mobile learning space exciting. There are so many opportunities when it comes to learning!

We at Bron Innovation are happy that Therése took some time to talk to us and tell us more about how she ended up working in the “IT-world”, how Sundsvall can become an even stronger startup region and she also shared a few tips how you can take your entrepreneurship to an international level. Something that made us a little extra proud was when she told us what happened when she said she was going to Sundsvall.

It’s fascinating that so many people are saying such wonderful things about Sundsvall. A friend of mine who is working for Spotify in New York was emailing me saying “Oh you are going to Sundsvall? That is so cool!”. I think there is something in this city, some kind of draw that is really interesting. It shows how great reputation the city has all over the world.

She was not in Sundsvall to talk about the city though, she was visiting the tech hub called Great Space to talk about entrepreneurship. We were curious how she ended up working with IT, but for Therése it was never about working in a specific sector.

When you start a company as early as I did (at the age of 17) it becomes part of your DNA and your lifestyle. I love standing on stage and I love doing things like this, but I can only reach so many. Imagine if I could do this and have millions of people using something and learn things when and where it fits them. That’s what brought me into the IT-world.

Take your business to an international level

Sweden is an interesting market, we are progressive when it comes to innovation but it’s a small market, she says. Think global from the start, if you are too focused on a small market it’s easy to forget about the rest of the world.

That is part of why we at 30minMBA don’t do anything in Swedish. That was intentional, I only speak English besides sort of Swedish (I used to be good at Swedish she says with a laughter). There are so many opportunities around the world, but you have to appreciate the cultural differences and see how people act where you are.

How to create an international network

We also asked Therése what she would recommend if you are an entrepreneur who would want to expand your business network in other countries. She said that one way of growing your network internationally is going to conferences. She is a big believer in connecting with people live. Something that you can do online too and LinkedIn is a useful tool for that. But she says attending a conference doesn’t mean you automatically are going to end up in an amazing mingle and find new business opportunities right away.

I make space to be available for opportunities and meeting people at conferences. I have specific goals with every conference. I also make up a plan and I pre-book meetings. A lot of the times it’s easier to meet and reach people on a higher level on conferences than in their home city. And remember don’t use a hard pitch, give value to people and see how you can help the people you meet.

Sundsvall has the potential to become an innovation hub in the north

The startup community is global and Therése Gedda says that if she would be responsible for Sundsvall as the city and were trying to make it into an innovation hub in the north, she would look at the competitive advantages in the city. She says that the fact that Sundsvall is only an hour away from Stockholm is important. The University Mittuniversitetet and a lot of strong players from the governmental side also matters.

More importantly it’s not a competition between the different regions, we are one community globally. The more people who are pursuing their passion and understanding that entrepreneurship is limitless – the better. You have competitive advantages here that Stockholm doesn’t have. I would say you should be honoring and owning that. Not to be too focused on the other regions rather create bridges to collaborate with them.

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