React & GraphQL #1 @ Esatto

Ett av Brons medlemsföretag Esatto anordnar den 22 november en Meetup i Sundsvall, den riktar sig till dig som vill bli utvecklare eller bara vill lära dig mer om React och GraphQL! Läs mer nedan.

Finally, the day of the first React/GraphQL meetup in Sundsvall is here!


The host of the evening will be Esatto.

We’ll talk about GraphQL, why it exists, and why it has taken the developer world by storm. We’ll go through everything you need to start using it in any programming language.

Another topic of the evening will be React.js, and how it can be used to create interfaces together with GraphQL.

On top of that we’ll tell you some nitty-gritty details about how React.js will evolve in the coming months.

We’ll also cover Esattos work with, a website built with the above technology.


17:30 – Pizza och beer
18:00 – Welcome/Introduction
18:10 – Introduction of GraphQL (including Q&A)
19:00 – React + GraphQL, a front-end developers dream (including Q&A)
19:40 – The future of React.js, 2018 and beyond (including Q&A)
20:00 – Mingle, more beer and snacks!


Jonathan Edenström – Senior Front-end Developer, Esatto
Kristoffer Jönsson – Senior Developer, Esatto

Läs mer och anmäl dig här.

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